Sam Walton and Brazilian jail aj

Answer these questions:
1. How much humility you have ?
2. Have you went and seeked a mentor ???
3. Have you read books and record ppl who know more then you ?
4. Copy the competitors and learn from them ?
5. Finding ppl who already doing it and see what they are doing ?
6. How much money have you been spending on these things ?
• Tell me from: 1 -10 what have you been doing and then find the average .
• I learnt that Sam Walton spend most of his time in his competitors store than his because he wanted to learn what he already didn’t know. He got approach by 2 kids to learn about him and instead of that he learn what they know and see what innovation they know. Always be humble like Michael Jordan and learn from other people.
• Learn from other that are higher than you take notes, record and spend money on getting their knowledge… be robin hood.
• Be humble and learn from everyone that has value and take the time to steal their golden nuggets
• Always check the numerical value that you give yourself
• Your score needs to go up ⤴️
• Don’t have pride when trying to find information 💪🏽 don’t be cocky…
• If you have a score below 8 your are not doing good
• Be humble and learn and don’t have pride or fear when someone says no
• Start recording your scores each week
• Where I haven’t been being humble ????
• What am I going to do to turn this around?